Egypt’s Health Ministry denies fees collected for providing COVID-19 vaccines at home

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population has denied reports on some websites and social media that fees are being collected to provide vaccines against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) at home.

The ministry said that the service is both free of charge and provided to citizens who cannot go in person to vaccination centres.

It also said that trained medical teams trained are sent to provide the home vaccination service against COVID-19 to citizens without collecting any fees.

The Ministry of Health and Population receives all requests from low-mobility citizens to receive the vaccine at home via the hotline 15335, after first registering on the website, and obtaining the text message on the date of vaccination. 

Meanwhile, the ministry announced that 27 centres nationwide have been designated for registering this segment of citizens to receive vaccines. These are the main starting points for providing home vaccination services for those low-mobility citizens. Once registered, they receive vaccinations at home rather than in vaccination centres.

Moreover, the Ministry of Health and Population is also sending a list of citizens who wish to receive the vaccine at home to the centre directors. This will allow them to communicate with citizens to provide the vaccine at home, after assessing their health condition. 

People who can access home vaccination services are: paraplegic patients; those who have suffered from polio; Parkinson’s disease patients; arthropathy patients who are unable to move; patients with neurological diseases that affect movement; patients with fractures of the pelvis and lower extremities or amputations of the lower limbs; patients with muscular atrophy and spinal cord atrophy; multiple sclerosis (MS) patients; and patients with myasthenia gravis.

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