Government inaugurates ICT projects in Kafr El-Sheikh

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Egypt’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has inaugurated several projects under his ministry’s umbrella in the Kafr El-Sheikh governorate.

Talaat also met with Kafr El-Sheikh Governor Gamal Nour El-Din on the sideline of his visit to the governorate to inaugurate and inspect some of the ministry’s projects there.

The Minister said that a digital training and innovation centre will be established in Kafr El-Sheikh with investments of EGP 100m. It will provide technical training and implement programmes for digital creativity and entrepreneurship for young people.

Additionally, during this year, 50 post offices in the governorate will be developed and provided with two mobile offices to serve crowded areas, in addition to the installation of 40 machines ATMs.

He added that his ministry will raise the efficiency of the information infrastructure in the Motobas district. It comes as part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s participation in the “Decent Life” initiative to develop villages.

The participation will see the ministry also supply the district with fibre-optic cables to improve the efficiency of the Internet in every home in the district’s villages.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, with the aim of empowering women using technology.

It also aims to enable an e-learning culture, building knowledge societies, and support and develop the digital capabilities and skills of youth in the governorate.

The MoU will last for two years, and its scope of work includes educating 1000 women and girls on financial inclusion and the safe internet. At the same time, it will empower 500 women and girls on the basics of inclusiveness and financial independence.

The initiative will support the services provided by government agencies in this regard, whilst contributing to opening bank accounts at Egypt post or an Egyptian bank, and which are compatible with the needs of women and girls.

At the same time, it is set to empower female knowledge pioneers and entrepreneurs with information and communication technology skills. This comes with the aim of supporting the skills of 50 women in the field of electronic marketing on the Internet for 50 women, in addition to creating some websites and a number of e-marketing pages on social networks.

The MoU also stipulates that cooperation takes place to support young people with technological skills compatible with the needs of the free labour market. This includes new mechanisms in support, guidance and follow-up with the participation of the government and civil institutions, in addition to leading global and local private sector companies.

Cooperation will also be made to disseminate the culture of e-learning and support its industry by encouraging civil society organizations, institutions and agencies concerned with community development to promote and spread the culture. It also seeks to train human elements working in the e-learning industry and develop the skills of employees by certifying e-learning centres (the Cisco Academies Programme), in addition to training students, graduates, and faculty at Kafr El-Sheikh University to use content production programmes.

The MoU also includes using the services and applications of the “Kenana Online” platform to build knowledge societies online with the participation of the community.

This will include all its governmental, civil, and private institutions as well as experts in all areas of development in the governorate. This aims to create and develop the governorate’s portal for comprehensive development, to include several sub-sites for the district office.

It will also prepare and develop civil society databases and the locations of civil society projects, initiatives, and institutions in the governorate.

During his visit to the governorate, Talaat also inspected the surveillance system in the Crisis Room covering the city of Kafr El-Sheikh with cameras, to monitor the streets and work to provide excellent services to citizens.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology seeks to immediately detect anything happening on the streets the moment of its occurrence, and to deal with it accordingly, in coordination with the concerned agencies.

The minister’s visit will witness the opening of two post offices after their development. He will also inspect the School of Intellectual Education, visit the redeveloped Telecom Egypt customer service centre in Kafr El-Sheikh, and hold a video conference with a number of beneficiaries of the training programmes and services provided by the Ministry to the residents of the governorate.

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