Egypt works on speeding up customs clearance, lab testing reports

Shaimaa Al-Aees
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Ahmed Al-Mallwani, Head of the Foreign Trade Committee at the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce’s (FEDCOC) Importers Division, has said they are preparing a memorandum on speeding up customs release.

He added that the memorandum also referred to the issue of results of laboratory testing, with the increased speed aimed at eliminating congestion in ports.

Al-Mallwani said that periodic meetings will be held for importers and officials of the General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC) during the coming period. These is particularly related to the prioritisation of facilitating trade movement and encouraging Egyptian exports in the trade committee’s activity at the General Division for Importers.

He pointed out that importers have some comments on Egypt’s new customs law, despite it including new facilities for those dealing with customs. 

This covers the creation of a new system for settling customs disputes that allows grievances to administration before resorting to arbitration in order to prevent the escalation of disputes between goods owners and customs authority. 

This is in addition to developing consensual solutions to many problems through a joint committee that includes the two parties of dispute.

Al-Mallwani further noted that the introduction of a temporary customs warehouse system will ensure that ports are gates for goods, and not places for their storage or accumulation.

This will contribute to the legalisation of the placement of warehouses, as well as guaranteeing that customs services are provided on imported and exported goods.

Furthermore, he appealed to GOEIC to promptly release samples to cope with the speedy customs release, and to avoid delays.

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