Auto dealers support extending deadline for electronic traffic sticker installation until March

Dina Mohamed
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electronic traffic sticker

Automotive dealers working in the Egyptian market have supported the decision to extend the period for installing electronic traffic stickers (e-stickers) on vehicles until 30 March.

Dealers have said that the extension gives citizens, who own vehicles to finish the required procedures to install the e-stickers, enough time to avoid overcrowd.

The new system will see a small data sticker stuck on the windshield of the vehicle which will be readable through special infrared devices that will be installed at traffic lights as well as carried by traffic officials in the street or at a checkpoint. The sticker comes equipped with a SIM card, and by reading your sticker, officials can quickly get your vehicle’s data.

It is a method of protecting the vehicles from theft, as they feature the vehicle owner’s full information. The e-stickers are also important in terms of whether the vehicles are being searched for in relation to criminal activities.

Egyptian Automotive Dealers Association Chairperson, Osama Aboul Magd, said that the Ministry of Interior’s decision to extend the deadline is positive, especially given the recent increase in the number of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infections.

Aboul Magd said that the extension has come as part of precautionary measures to prevent the virus’ spread, to avoid congestion at traffic units, and preserve the health and safety of citizens.

He added that the electronic sticker is one of the most important steps in implementing the country’s complete electronic traffic system.

With the system on board, it is hoped that the safety levels on Egypt’s roads will be increased, whilst reducing accidents. As a result, it is also expected to preserve the lives and properties of citizens, and encourage discipline on the country’s roads.

Aboul Magd said that the deadline for installing the electronic sticker was scheduled to expire on 31 December, and that no further extensions after the 30 March cut-off are expected.

Montaser Zaytoun, Chairperson of Zaytoun Auto Mall and member of the General Automobile Division at the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce, said the e-stickers carry the vehicle’s number and registered data for computerised enquiries.

This provides accurate information that can be used by the concerned authorities to survey areas of traffic density, and issue reports and statistics to manage and regulate traffic.

Zaitoun also said that the sticker specifies the vehicle’s classification and routes, in addition to which lanes each vehicle is allowed to use, and guiding and helping drivers on the road.

He added that the sticker aids integration with other security systems to identify the vehicles and any expired licences. It also allows for traffic rules to be applied and violations to be electronically recorded in a unified manner for all citizens.

The sticker aims to facilitate the movement of citizens and their use of roads, as well as easing the payment of various kinds of fees due, including road fees, parking fees, and the like, without having to stop. A text message is sent after each violation, indicating the fees required from the vehicle’s driver.

The Ministry of Interior announced that an extension period of three months would be put into place, to allow vehicle owners to receive the sticker, and to ensure installation.

This decision reflects the Ministry’s keenness to implement precautionary measures to prevent overcrowding at police headquarters. It also came in response to citizens’ demand to extend the deadline.

The Ministry of Interior called upon vehicle owners to quickly install the electronic stickers at the competent traffic units.

In the same context, the Ministry continues to provide an electronic service that enables all vehicle owners with valid licences to request the installation of an electronic sticker. The required fees can be paid for electronically through the Egypt Traffic portal website.

The old licence is exchanged with the new one, with the sticker also delivered at the same time for immediate installation by traffic officials, all through one window.

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