Egypt offers HR development training to health insurance workers

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The National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development (NIGSD) has launched its integrated training programme for employees of the Universal Health Insurance Authority (UHIA).

The programme is provided by the NIGDD, the training arm of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, and will continue for six days at the Episcopal Tech and Vocational Training Center.

Minister of Planning and Economic Development and NIGSD Chairman Hala El-Said said that employees are essential in all development plans. She added that they are also deemed as the most valuable kind of resources that the state possesses to achieve sustainable development according to the 2030 vision.

For her part, NIGSD Executive Director Sherifa Sherif said that the training programme aims to provide participants with knowledge and skills related to the concept of human resources and its importance.

They will also be able to benefit from the practical application of its various functions in light of Civil Service Law No 81 of 2016.

Sherif emphasised that continuous training leads to an improvement in employee performance, as they become aware of the procedures and practices necessary for basic tasks.

Employees also gain a better understanding of their duties and the tasks assigned to them, which results in an increase in the employee’s self-confidence. This, in turn, becomes a basic motivation for excellence in performance, research and the pursuit of innovative ideas that contribute to the success of the organisation.

She noted that the training also contributes to the employee’s success in achieving the required progress, keeping abreast of developments, increasing efficiency and achieving competitiveness.

The integrated programme for human resources deals with many aspects, most notably: an introduction to human resources management; contemporary concepts in human resource management and human resource strategies; job analysis; and business card designs.

The programme also includes training on: career paths and their planning; talent management; the concept of job competencies and competencies; recruitment; and selection and employment.

The programme also includes learning about the concept of the new performance evaluation system, setting goals and performance indicators, and providing performance evaluation forms.

In addition to this, it helps in identifying the concept of training and development and their various stages, as well as analysing training needs, and methods of measuring the efficiency of the training process. The training also addresses the concept, importance and requirements of incentives for employees.

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