Severe fog grips several areas in Egypt until 2020 end

Daily News Egypt
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Several regions of Egypt are expected to witness rain and a thick layer of water fog during the last week of 2020, Egypt’s Meteorological Authority (EMA) said on Saturday.

The EMA also said that light to medium rain will fall on the North Coast, the Red Sea mountains, and the southern area of Upper Egypt. Meanwhile, some areas of Cairo, the Nile Delta, the North Coast, Suez Canal cities, and the northern part of Upper Egypt will see water fog.

The Red Sea mountains will experience light to medium rainfall on Saturday, and foggy weather as of Saturday. Rain and fog are forecast for the North Coast, Halayeb, and Shalateen, starting on Monday.

Over the New Year, Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the EMA’s Weather Forecast Department, revealed that the atmosphere will be relatively stable. He also pointed out that the most prominent weather phenomenon will be the water fog on the roads.

He urged travellers to drive with caution during foggy conditions, and to avoid excessive speed, whilst also calling on citizens to wear winter clothes against the low night-time temperatures.

The weather on 30 December will be warm during the day and cold at night across Greater Cairo, with a water fog in the morning. There are also likely to be moderate winds, with Egypt’s coast regions set to witness warm weather during the day, cold weather at night, and foggy weather in the morning.

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