Cabinet reviews Egypt’s performance in world indices during H1 2020

Nehal Samir
2 Min Read

The Egyptian Cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) reviewed the second issue of “Egypt through the Eyes of the World – H1 2020” in a clip published on its official Facebook page.

The video reviews the most prominent indices in which Egypt has made remarkable progress.

“Egypt through the Eyes of the World” report states that Egypt ranked 2nd in the Arab world and 36th globally in 2019 based on its strategic, political, and cultural strength and its ability to keep pace with change and boost development, according to the Best Countries Index 2020.

Egypt also ranked 1st in the Middle East and North Africa and 14th globally in the Global Services Location Index 2019 (formally named: Offshore Location Attraction Index). The index considered Egypt one of the most important destinations for multinational companies.

The report also sheds light on the Total Factor Productivity Index in Africa 2020 issued by the African Development Bank Group. It views Egypt among the countries with the lowest dropout rates in Africa; in addition, the Egyptian youth ranked 1st in labor productivity.

Moreover, the report points out that Cairo ranked 28th in the World’s Best Freelance Cities index. It ranked 4th in the cost of living and the average price of living accommodations, and the 8th in co-working places in the said index issued by Carphone Warehouse in April 2020.

In the field of energy, the Energy Transition Index 2020 index issued by the World Economic Forum ranked Egypt the 84th with a score of 49.1%. The index evaluates the performance of countries according to two sub-indices: System Performance and Transition Readiness.

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