Abdeen Palace hosts 1st Umm Kulthum hologram concert

Daily News Egypt
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The Abdeen Palace in Cairo, one of Egypt’s most famous historic monuments, will for the first time host performances featuring a hologram image of legendary Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum.

The three concerts, which will take place over three days starting from 20 November, will feature a hologram image of Umm Kulthum performing alongside an orchestra in a night full of magic.

The event’s organiser, RMC Marketing, announced that tickets will remain on sale until 22 November, rather than the previous 20-21 November, due to the high demand. They noted that the concerts’ sell-out nature shows the Egyptian audience’s love for authentic music and high art.

The performances come as part of a series of concerts featuring hologram technology of Umm Kulthum that have taken place in a number of Arab countries, including the UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq.

The technology provides audiences with the sense that they are attending an actual Umm Kulthum performance, providing a unique audio and visual feast through a multi-dimensional manner. It also provides audiences with a visual and audible feel of the legendary singers’ on-stage presence.

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