New Alamein establishes reputation as diamond of investments in Egypt: City Edge

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The strategic approach of pioneering companies such as City Edge Developments in complementing government efforts have reflected positively in a market of consumers looking for high quality communities with integrated solutions in lifestyle preferences.

Fourth generation cities like New Alamein City have become the diamonds of investments in the region. The Egyptian government is centring its efforts in making these developments hospitable to both commercial and residential communities.

City Edge Developments is set to shine as a state-owned developer that proactively serves national projects with a distinguished vision. The company is the outcome of the collaboration between the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), the Housing and Development Bank (HDB), and the Holding Company for Construction and Development.

The collaboration aims to establish residential projects of luxurious style according to the highest standards. With a diverse portfolio of projects, including New Alamein City, the company has become a pioneer developer in Egypt’s first steps into the era of fourth generation cities.

New Alamein City will position Egypt as a prime regional destination for investment, tourism and businesses. This comes particularly in light of the country’s dedicated efforts to achieve comprehensive development which makes the city a sustained location all year around.

The city is intended to accommodate a population of 3 million, and is set to contribute towards changing the face of Egypt’s North Coast region. It is also designed to become fully functional according to the latest, most advanced technologies, to achieve the welfare of its inhabitants and sustain its resources for generations to come.

City Edge’s The Gate Towers are set to become one of New Alamein’s prime landmarks with a view of the world’s most beautiful coasts, overlooking Alamein Lake. The towers are uniquely designed as the city’s guardians that oversee a long road leading to the sea.

On the other hand, North Edge Towers are fast becoming one of the most celebrated projects in the heart of New Alamein and Egypt’s western North Coast region. The development is comprised of a number of 40-floor towers that house a total of 230 units each.

This phase will integrate specialised services and facilities, as well as green landscapes and gardens, parks, entertainment outlets, cafes and restaurants.

City Edge Developments has proven itself as a pioneer in the real estate sector, drawing elite investments and projects whilst maintaining the vision and discipline of the public sector’s national projects. This makes it the most desirable company to invest in over the next decade, ensuring timely delivery, as well as targeting specialised consumer segments with harmonious qualities.

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