Doctor Online launches first virtual clinic app in Egypt

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Doctor Online, an application providing virtual clinic visits through a video feature linking doctors and patients, has launched for the first time in Egypt.

The application’s launch comes as part of the country’s Vision 2030 and the Egyptian government’s steps towards digital transformation of businesses and citizen services.

A range of services are available to patients via a video link with doctors in a variety of specialisations from inside and outside Egypt. Additional features also enable patients to undertake searches for doctors in particular specialisations, or for a specific doctor. The app includes a selection of the best doctors, consultants, specialists, and practitioners.

Once patients have filled out the search form, a list of doctors with their specialisations, an evaluation of their services and their availability appears. Patients will be able to reserve time slots by making payments by credit card or electronic wallet, with reservation notifications for the treatment session sent out.

Patients will be able to access a waiting area in the virtual clinic hall, with the doctor-patient session carried out through videoconference technology.

“The application will work as the first unique platform in providing treatment sessions between patients and doctors in various fields through the experience of virtual clinics through video chats, which is in line with the implementation of the digital transformation strategy and the country’s vision to digitise the various services for citizens,” said Mahmoud Abdel Hakim, founder of the Doctor Online application.

He added that the application will help doctors transfer their practices to online platforms, allowing them to receive different cases whilst reducing the need for physical contact in non-emergency situations. Session times are also easy to organise and access, with doctors able to see the types and nature of each case at the start of each daily session. Once the sessions are over, the doctor will be able to send prescriptions electronically to patients.

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