Egypt’s tourism adopts preventive measures against COVID-19

Nehal Samir
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People whose work requires dealing with the public are in more risk of being infected with the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The World Health Organization (WHO) announced days ago that Europe is now the world’s COVID-19 epicentre, and as tourism is the most sector whose workers deal with foreigners, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities adopted preventive measures to curb the spread of the virus among tourists and locals.

The preventive measures include continuous medical examination of hotel workers across Egypt. The Ministry provided 1,000 COVID-19 detection kits to fixed and floating hotels for regular examination of guests and employees. Additionally, 26 trainers will tour the country to raise awareness among tourism workers on the preventive measures that must be followed and how to protect themselves from infection.

Workers in hotels will be provided with all required logistics including socks, masks, and gloves. Moreover, the hotels contracted with highly-trained medical teams to deal with any suspected cases of the virus.

Head of the Chamber of Tourism Establishments Adel Al-Masry told Daily News Egypt that the Chamber is currently working to educate all restaurants about the necessary health measures to protect their workers in all tourist cities from Coronavirus, with an emphasis to report any suspected cases. He pointed out that the temperature for all workers is being measured regularly.

After any tourist delegation leave, an immediate disinfection process takes place, he said.

He finally assured that up to date, there are no cases between the staffs of the touristic restaurants.

Alaa Akel, CEO of Jaz Hotels Group and Chairperson of the Egyptian Hotels Association in Red Sea, said no lay-offs in intended, and the hotel staffs will work rotationally.

Meanwhile, Egyptian Valley Tours has implemented the same measures with its employees to fight the virus, according to Yasser Sultan, partner director of the company.

Sultan said that in order to avoid overcrowds in the company, Egyptian valley Tours provided a new way for reservation that limit the number of people in the place.

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