EBI limits its training services to e-learning due to COVID-19

Hossam Mounir
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The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), the training arm of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), has decided to limit its training services for bank employees to e-learning as precautionary measure against the Coronavirus outbreak.

Abdel Aziz Nosseir, executive director of EBI, said the institute always seeks to preserve the health of the trainers and trainees, but it will continue to train workers in the banking sector through e-learning, and the institute will continue to provide evaluation and training services online.

He said that the number of training hours through e-learning reached, until the end of February, some 26,000 training hours, for about 20,000 trainees, since the service was launched in February 2018. The number of available programmes reached 22, including commitment and combating money laundering terrorist financing, and banking commitment.

He added that the institute aims to expand e-learning services in 2020, pointing out the training services aimed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the trainees.

According to Nosseir, in February alone, the institute provided e-learning services to 1,095 beneficiaries, representing three banks, for a total of 3,285 training hours.

With regard to digital development, Nosseir stressed that the institute will still continue to implement a plan to replace, renew and develop everything related to the training process, noting that 2020 is the year of continuing in digital development to facilitate the educational process and training, as well as contribute to achieving more flexibility in communicating with the trainees.

He explained that the e-learning at the EBI is characterised by the quality and efficiency of the design and the multiplicity of methods of displaying information. It also has distinct modern technology and distinct use of them in educational methods. EBI ensures safe and effective interaction between the two parties of the learning process, allowing trainees to learn freely according to their desires. This also allows easy follow-up and good management of the educational process.

E-learning for workers in the banking sector depends on the combination of the nature of the written, spoken, and visual text, which the trainee receives directly from his office and computer.

Upon passing the training course, the trainee can download the certificate directly from his personal page on the e-learning platform, and thus the trainee will have a complete record of the e-learning programmes he attended through the EBI.

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