Metra, Zyxel partner to provide digital transformation solutions in Egypt

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Metra Computer, a company specialised in providing integrated IT solutions, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Zyxel Communications Corporation, a manufacturer of networking devices.

Under this partnership, Metra will be the only distributor of the technological products developed by Zyxel in the Egyptian market, including integrated IT solutions, smart communications infrastructure for business enterprises and smart cities, innovative solutions for 5G and 6G wireless communication systems, and information security solutions.

Mamoun Abdullah, head of channels for Middle East and Africa at Zyxel, said the company achieved broad growth leaps worldwide with a business volume exceeding $400m and created customer bases in about 75 countries, through providing real added value in the market.

Regarding the company’s strategy for Egypt, he said, “Because Egypt is one of the leading countries in the field of communications and internet and is leading the process of digital transformation and adopting the concept of smart cities, the country stands out as a major market for wired and wireless networking products and data security. After the issuance of the Cybercrime Law in Egypt, the information security has become one of the most active and demanding technology sectors, and we have taken a series of initiatives to establish our presence in Egypt, to provide more innovative security solutions, and to ensure that customer security is growing and copes with the digital infrastructure.”

He added that the presence of Zyxel in the Egyptian market depends on a set of basic axes, the first of which is building a wide base of local customers, in cooperation with its strategic partner, Metra, which has great experience and professionalism, and strengthening cooperation with the authorities concerned with the development of the smart telecommunications market. Zyxel aims to provide the latest security solutions at great competitive prices, organise workshops to qualify business enterprises and help them to cope with the digital transformation and meet their needs of wired and wireless infrastructure, and develop security awareness among security officials in institutions.

Abdullah pointed out that they are working to meet the needs of all business organisations such as the hospitality services sector that need to develop and secure its technological infrastructure, as there are about 6,000 hotels around the world that depend on the company’s integrated solutions. The education sector can also benefit from Zyxel’s products as there are 200 schools and educational centres that use the company’s solutions, in addition to government and service sectors, such as healthcare and banking.

Zyxel provides its products through cloud computing in cooperation with Amazon.

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