Infection control initiative provides Hep. C awareness to 22,000 beauty, health clubs

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Egyptian Minister of Health and Population Hala Zayed has said that they have checked 22,000 beauty salons and health clubs for Hepatitis C since that start of the infection control initiative in its first and second phases, which aims at reducing the spread of the virus.

In tandem with President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi’s initiative to eliminate Hep. C and detect non-communicable diseases under the slogan “100 Million Healthy Lives,” the Ministry launched the infection control initiative in order to control infection’s spots in beauty salons and health clubs.

Ministry spokesperson Khaled Megahed said that they checked 5,685 beauty salons and health clubs in January alone in order to raise awareness and reduce the spread of hepatitis in second phase governorates which include Alexandria, Menoufiya, Red Sea, North and South Sinai.
He added that 125 workshops were held in addition to 175 seminars to educate beauty professionals and distribute single-use cosmetics for free. He indicated that this initiative is an important step that comes as part of the measures taken by the Ministry of Health and Population to combat the transmission of hepatitis. 

The ministry also issued a book in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Development to clarify some instructions that must be followed to limit the transmission of hepatitis specifically in beauty salons and health clubs.

The instructions included the single use tools such as blades, metal tools, towels, in addition to using a safety box to dispose used tools to avoid transmitting the infection.

The ministry asserted that in case the owners of beauty salons and health clubs do not act in accordance with the instructions, their licences will be withdrawn and necessary legal measures will be taken.

The initiative’s first phase has already raised awareness in nine governorates, checking 16,326 beauty salons and health clubs in order to control infections.

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