CIB launches Prime Me bundle targeting Millennials

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Commercial International Bank (CIB), Egypt’s leading private sector bank, has announced the launch of its latest bundle, Prime Me, offering millennials a range of banking and non-banking benefits to meet their lifestyle needs.

The bundle targets CIB customers between the ages of 21 and 30, offering them a range of benefits through the bank’s BONUS points reward scheme. Customers can benefit from this bundle by opening an Easy current account, gaining access to a rewards scheme through the bank’s BONUS Points programme.

CIB Prime Me is part of CIB’s efforts to grow its millennial customer base through offering a range of products across its segments. It is centred on the bank’s BONUS points scheme, allowing customers to gain more points through their banking activities. Through this bundle, CIB offers millennials a unique value proposition through its targeted bundle.

“The Prime Me bundle is part and parcel of CIB’s ongoing efforts to expand its product offering for a large demographic within Egyptian society,” said Ahmed Issa, CIB’s Chief Executive Officer Retail Banking. “The bundle is designed to reward Millennials for using the banking system, while catering to their diverse needs and lifestyles.”

Not only do customers receive monthly BONUS points added to their accounts, they can also receive additional BONUS points on their debit and credit card transactions, referrals, loans, as well as by making at least ten transactions using their debit card each month. In addition to the BONUS points, the bundle offers customers a number of exclusive discounts at select merchants.

In order to benefit from the CIB Prime Me bundle, customers are required to have a monthly minimum balance of EGP10,000 in their account.

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