Ministers of military production and trade meet to promote local manufacturing

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt’s Minister of Military Production Mohamed El Assar met on Wednesday with Minister of Trade and Industry Amr Nassar and, the head of the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Development Agency (MSMEDA), Nevin Gamea, according to the cabinet. 

The officials discussed benefiting from 4500 factories of minor and medium industries which the government is implementing in 13 industrial zones in 12 governorates with the goal of reducing imports and supporting local manufacturing.

The meeting tackled the necessary steps to strengthen local manufacturing and increase local production in various manufacturing fields, aiming to reduce the importing of production inputs and supplies. By manufacturing them inside, it will provide the youth with job opportunities and encourage local manufacturing.

The officials also addressed how to take advantage of the ministry of military production and the private sector to promote local industry dependent on modern technologies. 

For Nassar, the ministry is preparing a study on the industry sector to the inventory of all local industries in Egypt and analysis of imports to manufacture them locally. 

Meanwhile, Gamea said that the MSMEDA is keen on operating 4500 factories as part of a national project to promote local manufacturing and support investors, especially young investors to establish minor industries and workshops to produce inputs and supplies of manufacturing. 

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