Signify Egypt renews lighting control system of Qalawun complex

Mohamed Farag
2 Min Read

Signify Egypt has renewed the lighting control system of Sultan Al-Mansur Qalawun complex in Al-Muizz Street, Cairo.

The complex is one of the famous architectural monuments located in the heart of Al-Muizz Street. It consists of a mosque, a school, a dome, a mausoleum, and a bimaristan (hospital) which was built by Sultan Al-Mansur Qalawun in 1285.

The replacement and renovation of the complex’s lighting control system comes within the framework of the third Art D’Egypte exhibition within the complex, which is held this year under the auspices of UNESCO and the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities in order to promote the Egyptian heritage.

Mohamed Abou El Azayem, general manager of Signify Egypt and North East Africa, said the company used its latest lighting technology to showcase the richness and beauty of the architectural details of the complex, as well as lighting the façade and the complex’s exterior, including the lighthouse and the dome. The company has also re-installed lighting systems in the interior of the complex using energy-saving LEDs.

It is part of a series of initiatives undertook by Signify to preserve the Egyptian cultural heritage, where it participated in changing the lighting control systems of the Egyptian Museum last year, in addition to other cultural and heritage places, such as Baron Empain Palace, Cairo Opera House, and Mohamed Ali Palace in Manial district.

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