El-Sewedy to complete Benban-Naga Hammadi electricity line by September

Daily News Egypt
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El Sewedy Electric will complete the implementation of a 500kV power line with a length of 185 km in September.

Sources in the Ministry of Electricity told Daily News Egypt that El Sewedy Electric is executing the line to connect Benban 3 to Naga Hammadi to transmit and transfer electricity produced from solar energy feed-in tariff projects in Aswan. The completion rate accounts to 88%.

The sources added that the Upper Egypt Electricity Distribution Company has completed the implementation of a power transformer with its own capacity of 500kV and was operational until the completion of the expansion of the Benban transformer plants implemented by XD-EGEMAC to transfer the capacity produced from the solar power stations for the electric grid.

The sources pointed out that the lines and electrical cables are implemented within the expansion plan that the ministry of electricity seeks to implement to transfer the energy produced from the production stations without interruptions or breakdowns and to strengthen the national electricity network to accommodate loads.

According to the sources, the plan to strengthen the transport network began to be able to transmit the generated capacity to meet the expected loads, either by the development of the existing lines or the addition and expansion of the network and its equipment and was contracted to implement 1,210 km lines on ultra-voltage.

El Sewedy won the implementation of the electricity lines. The first will be in the city of Akhmim in Sohag with a length of 180 km; the second connecting Akhmim to east Qena with a length of 176 km. NCC will implement the power lines of east Qena and Naga Hammadi for a length of 70 km.

The sources pointed out that the network of 500kV, which has been under implementation east of the Nile for the first time, will be parallel to the network that was established with the high dam west of the Nile, and is scheduled to be connected to the station of the high dam.

The sources stressed the importance of the new network east of the Nile to transfer the energy generated for electricity production projects to be implemented on the coast of the Red Sea and the valley. A giant station is being built in Beni Suef and another in south Helwan and a number of coal stations in Safaga, Hamrawin, and Quseer.

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