ACA finalises building capacity project with Saudi ‘Nazaha’

Hagar Omran
2 Min Read

The Administrative Control Authority (ACA) will conclude a building capacity project in collaboration with the Saudi National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) on Thursday.

The ACA’s project with Nazaha aims to launch a training project entitled “investigation methods and information sources” that lasts for five days from 14 to 18 July. This would take place at Nazaha’s training centre on its premises in Riyadh, a statement from the Saudi embassy in Cairo said.

Employees at the ACA, state security investigations service, ministry of interior, and ministry of finance are participating at the training project that aims to build capacities of the participants in the field of data analysis and investigating violations, the statement noted.

Organising the training between the ACA and Nazaha is part of a past inked agreement between both sides. This is especially because Nazaha has a long-standing experience in organising the anti-corruption and transparency trainings.

The ACA operates according to Law No 54 of 1964 with the main functions of researching and verifying the causes of the insufficiency​ of business and production and suggesting the means to remedy the issues.

Revealing the imperfection of administrative, technical, and financial systems which hinder the regular functioning of public organisations, all these are part of the ACA’s responsibilities.

The ACA follows-up on the execution of laws, and ensures that the decisions, regulations, and systems applied, are sufficient for realising the objective of their establishment, according to the ACA’s website.

Part of the ACA’s functions is detecting the administrative and financial contravention, the criminal actions committed by employees during the accomplishment of their functions, taking the necessary precautionary measures to avoid such occurrences within preparation, and denouncing those already accomplished.

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