Fouad stresses importance of education in raising environmental awareness

Mohammed El-Said
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Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad said on Sunday that education plays an important role in serving the environment. She added during the celebration of the national environment day, that this year’s celebration has a special topic, “education”.

She added that education helps in achieving sustainable development, and that her ministry is working to integrate the environmental perspective in the plans of the other ministries.

The celebration was organised by the Arab Office for Youth and Environment, hosted by the Al-Ahram institution—it comes on the 40th anniversary of establishing the office.

Fouad said that she has a different perspective for the role of education, saying that despite the success of the ministry in numerous fields such as establishing protected areas, and nets for water and air quality monitoring, but we need more employees in environmental projects.

She noted that her strategy is to train school pupils and students in universities and to integrate the environmental concepts in curricula in order to increase the number of environmental activists.  

The minister stressed that her ministry is collaborating with the United Nations Development Programme – UNDP to implement a campaign for public participation, as well as a strategy for raising environmental awareness. She also announced the launch of a cultural event for environmental topics in the Environmental Cultural and Educational Centre (Cairo House).   

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