Egypt, Bahrain carry out Hamad 3 drills to enhance military cooperation, exchange expertise

Daily News Egypt
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Squads from the Egyptian naval and air troops have arrived on Saturday in Bahrain to take part in the Hamad 3 exercise with Bahraini troops, the Egyptian military said in a statement.

The statement added that the exercise would take place at the Issa Air Base in southern Bahrain. The exercise includes various drills and classes to allow members of both armies to train on different combat methods.

Last December, the Egyptian armed forces took part in joint military drills with Saudi, Jordanian, Sudanese, Djiboutian, Yemeni, and Mauritanian naval forces. The drills called ‘Red Wave I’ took place in Saudi Arabia’s territorial waters in the Red Sea. The exercises aimed to develop joint military campaigns among participating forces, as well as planning and managing skills of military operations among naval forces.

Last December 2017, the Egyptian and Jordanian armed forces carried out the ‘Aqaba 4’ joint drills in Jordan, with the aim to enhance military cooperation, combat mutual threats, and exchange expertise. The security plans will include deploying security patrols and special forces in all vital and significant areas and cities, particularly worshipping houses. Both countries’ air forces carried a number of exercises including raids and besieging installations dominated by terrorist elements, airstrike launches, destroying hideouts, explosive devices and ammunition, as well as taking necessary measures to save civilians.

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