Google celebrated Hend Rostom’s 87’s birthday

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Google Egypt celebrated on Monday the 87th birthday of the Marilyn Monroe of the Orient, Hind Rostom, in a doodle which portrayed the Egyptian diva in three of her most famous looks in golden era films.

The doodle featured Rostom with her most famous hair style, and commonly worn-style dress, while in the background, a drawing with her most famous roles. One of them, “Narges” the cold drinks vendor in Youssef Chahine’s drama “Bab El-Hadid” (The Iron Gate), co-starring Farid Shawqi and Youccef Chahine. 

The beautiful seductive icon was born in Alexandria under the name of Nariman Murad. Her first appearance on the silver screen was at the age of 16, in the film Azhaar wa Ashwak (Flowers and Thorns). However, she started gaining wide fame due to her a role in “Banat el Lail” (Women of the Night).

Throughout her journey, Rostom took part in 80 films, where she was known to be a beauty icon, with enchanting looks.

She decided to step down from the limelight and retire in 1979, as she wanted her audience to keep remembering her as the shining, seductive superstar. Ever since, she turned down every invitation for a media appearance or an honorary ceremony.

The beauty icon died in 2011 following a heart attack.

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