Cold Alex aims to export 13,000 tonnes in 2018

Rasha Sorour
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Cold Alex Food Industries aims to increase its exports this year to 13,000 tonnes, up 8% from last year.

Mohamed Kamal, export manager at Cold Alex, said the company plans to reach 13,000 tonnes of frozen vegetables and fruits exports by the end of this year, up from 12,000 tonnes last year.

He pointed out that most of the company’s exports go to the markets of Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and the Gulf States. Europe alone accounts for 40% of the company’s exports, followed by Arab and Gulf markets.

The company aims to increase its exports by expanding and opening up new export markets, including Switzerland and the Netherlands, as part of the company’s plan to expand in Europe, where 95% of its production is exported, elaborated Kamal.

The company looks forward to its participation in the Sial exhibition to communicate with its customers around the world, stressing that the exhibition is a good opportunity to demonstrate the company’s products, and provide companies with visits which can be conducted by the company to each country separately, noted the company’s export manager.

Furthermore, Kamal added that the company intends to establish a new production line next year, and is studying the target production capacity of the new line and its investment cost, which is within the company’s plan to increase its production capacity of vegetables and fruits in the coming years.

Global demand is increasing for frozen vegetables and fruits, and the company is researching increasing increase its production to benefit from this boom, taking into account the reliance on modern manufacturing mechanisms which are based on mechanisation, in order to avoid human error or product contamination, he mentioned.

Kamal added that identifying several companies in the white list in the Egyptian Food Safety Authority, has given an advantage to companies committed to international standards.

The company succeeded in being on the white list to ensure the its product quality for export to the Saudi market.

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