FCA appoints Dynamics Distribution as agent for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Fiat Professional in Egypt

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has announced that it is appointing Dynamics Distribution as an agent of Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Fiat Professional in Egypt, starting from September 2018, instead of Nile Engineering Group. The company will be handling import tasks, distribution, sales, after-sale services, and provisions of spare parts for various models of the most famous brands in the world.

FCA has made a considerable effort to select the best new agent for it, and the choice came down to Dynamics Distribution as a logical step, given the great experience it has in the field of car distribution. The company is a strong entity with wide experience in the automotive market. It has been working for quite a in the field, eventually proving its efficiency, especially in sale management, all of which qualified it to be FCA’s new trusted agent. It was also given the right to manage the agency’s affairs, and partake in the expansion plans of some of the most prominent international brands.

To ensure the continuity of the services provided to the customers of Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Fiat Professional, the ownership and management of after-sale service centres and headquarters will be moved from Nile Engineering Group, to Dynamics Distribution in an orderly, and smooth manner.

The Group has stressed that developing the network of agents of the brand is a major part of FCA’s strategy, which eventually aims to work for the benefit of the customers and improve their experience. This appointment of the new agent is in line with the company strategy, which has proven to be efficient over the years.

“We are very happy with our new decision which goes well with our strategy where we always seek more development and reaching the largest base of clients possible. We find that Dynamics Distribution will be the best in this position, as we always continue to have confidence in its ability and experience in the Egyptian market,” said Abdelrahman Sultan, CEO of FCA Egypt.

Sultan stressed that all Fiat models in Egypt are worth focusing on, given the specific function of each model. For example, the Fiat Tipo—which is a brand winner—is known for its perfect family-centric design, given its practicality, and high value.

“We have presented many classes of Tipo. They include automatic, manual, and hatchback. They all come in various prices in order to facilitate for the customer the process of choosing, and obtaining this car with its smooth design, and high technology in the field of cars, not to mention its spacious inner design, which is the best in its class,” Sultan explained.

The Fiat 500 family is a brand icon, as it is a real expression of elegance, freedom, and cheerfulness, with its design which has won many international awards, Sultan went on to explain. “We have two modes, they are Fiat 500, which has proven since its launching that it is not just a small car fit for big cities, but that it is also a real platform on which a whole family of cars is based on, with thorough attention to details. The second model is Fiat 500X, the big sister of Fiat 500. It achieves the technological feasibility and the strategy of the brand, putting the needs of customers under the spotlight. This car is available in Egypt with all its capabilities and potential, fit for all kinds of weather, and driving conditions, with a very economic engine,” Sultan added.

Emad Helmy, the managing director of Dynamics Distribution said that he is proud that his company managed to gain the agency of FCA—one of the most prominent companies, and brands in the world. He also added that getting this agency is a strong step that says a lot about the trust of FCA in Dynamics Distribution’s abilities to put it on the map of the Egyptian market through Dynamic Distribution’s special services, especially in terms of after-sales and spare parts. “I am confident that this step will immediately leave a positive impact on the customers of FCA, as well as on the market value of the cars that carry this brand in the Egyptian market,” he noted.

Nile Engineering Group has recently decided to give up the distribution rights of FCA in Egypt, which it managed to get in 2014. It has decided not to continue in the field of automotive, and focus on its other activities within the framework of restructuring the company.

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