Six banks contribute to providing Iftar for 10 million fasting persons in Ramadan 2018 with Misr El-Kheir Foundation

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Misr El-Kheir Foundation has revealed that several Egyptian banks working in the country supported the former’s campaign to provide Iftar to 10 million fasting persons in Egypt, through distributing Ramadan boxes and providing Ramadan tents.

The cooperation between Misr El-Kheir with the banks sector in Ramadan is a continuation of the banks’ cooperation with the foundation, throughout the year in various sectors, including health, education, social solidarity, scientific research, innovation, and integrated development, in order to achieve the goal of developing Egyptians out of the foundation’s faith in the importance of providing a decent life for the most deserving families and helping them face the difficult life conditions.

According to Misr El-Kheir, the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) was one of the biggest supporters of Misr El-Kheir, especially in the field of integrated development, as the bank contributed to providing Iftar through 6,400 boxes distributed in the neediest villages. The bank also worked to improve the environment of 17 villages. There is also a plan to provide health services, as well as develop and restore schools, in order to eliminate the phenomenon of dropping out, in addition to providing projects that generate income, improve drainage networks, and provide clean water, alongside with demolishing and building homes for the needy.

The NBE also took part in many other projects that aim to reviving authentic Egyptian principles through the campaign “Let morals be your guide,” in addition to carrying out scientific research and innovation projects, as well as projects to repay debts of the indebted, contributing to virus C treatment, and many other projects.

Misr El-Kheir added that the Emirates NBD has also supported the establishment of Ramadan tents to provide Iftar for 18,000 fasting persons and distributed 1,120 Ramadan boxes. It has also helped the foundation to provide a headquarters for packing the boxes, as a volunteering team from the bank took it upon itself to do this. Additionally, the bank supported an income source project through establishing greenhouses.

The Bank of Alexandria has also supported another Ramadan tent for holding an Iftar of 18,000 fasting persons, while the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank contributed to the distribution of 3,360 Ramadan boxes. It has also supported the indebted, social education schools, and restoration and roofing of houses.

The Attijariwafa Bank has dedicated its efforts during Ramadan to support 2,000 Ramadan boxes. BLOM Bank has also sponsored Ramadan tents.

According to Amal Mabda, the head of the resources development sector in Misr El Kheir, since the establishment of the foundation, it worked on strengthening the cooperation with success partners, in order to develop Egyptians and achieve sustainable development for needier families.

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