Political parties meet to form coordinating committee with government

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Members of different political parties met on Tuesday to discuss creating a committee to be assigned with coordinating between the government and parties, local media reported.

Around 21 representatives of different political parties attended the meeting, which will be held at the headquarters of Al-Wafd Party.

The members are also scheduled to meet next Tuesday to draft an agreement to activate the role of parties and push the state to develop solutions to problems.

The representatives of political parties met last Tuesday, after President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi urged political parties to unify to merge along similar ideological lines to produce fewer entities. He also called on activating article five of the constitution, which states that the political system is based on political and party pluralism, the peaceful transfer of power, the separation of powers and the balance between them, and respect for human rights and freedoms.

Heads of the Future’s Nation Party and Free Egyptians Party did not attend the previous meeting, but are expected to attend the current meeting.

Previously, the head of Al-Wafd Party, Bahaa Abu Shoqa, said at the time that the draft agreement will support the functions of parties to create a national opposition that offers alternatives and solutions. “The activation of democracy will not come unless we are two, three, or four parties at the most,” he said.

During the past week, mass resignations were submitted by members of parliament to leave their parties to join the Nation’s Future Party, which is due to witness reconstruction during the upcoming months, planning to become the majority and leading party in Egypt.

Around 150 independent members of the “For the Sake of Egypt” association merged with the party, while 50 members of the Free Egyptians Party also joined Nation’s Future

The Nation’s Future Party, which is liberally conservative, was founded in 2015 as a party representing youth, but gradually hired more high-ranking political figures and gained more members from other competing parties. The party had supported many initiatives to re-elect Al-Sisi for another term. It further won 57 seats in the Egyptian Parliament in the parliamentary elections of 2015.

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