Tahya Misr Fund to launch project for people with special needs in 2018

Nehal Samir
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Riham Abu Ismail, head of CSR at Tahya Misr Fund, said that the fund has more than 22 ongoing projects, pointing out that the fund will announce a project for people with special needs in 2018, as President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi announced 2018 as the year of people with special needs.

This came on the sidelines of the fourth annual CSR Forum, which is being held this year under the title Development Drivers in Various Sectors. 

Abu Ismail pointed out that the fund is interested in implementing projects more than promoting the fund.

She explained that the value of donations that enter the fund is not targeted to solve the budget deficit problems, but to focus on the issues that affect citizens.

She said that the fund focuses on four developmental sectors: education, economic empowerment for youth, urban development, and health.

Among the projects the fund has already undertaken in the area of health is eliminating the hepatitis C virus from Egypt by 2020.

Abu Ismail said that the initiative was made in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the private sector through Pharco Company, which opened a production line for a cost-effective hepatitis C treatment.

Moreover, she pointed out that the fund has therefore been involved with private companies to examine and spread awareness about the virus for 1 million people in 27 governorates. 

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