Egyptians’ smartphone screen preferences

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Specifications of smartphones vary based on their price segment. Each price segment has specifications different from the other, such as the screen size and accuracy, in addition to the processor, the RAM size, the camera, and even colours.

The resolution of smartphone screens vary between 360×640 and 1366×768 pixels. A report issued by StatCounter shows the most favoured smartphone screens preferred by Egyptians in March 2018. 

In first place came smartphones with a screen resolution of 360×640, taking over 17.23% of the total number of smartphones in Egypt in March, becoming the most popular amongst smartphone users in the country.

In second place came screens with of 1366×768 pixels, taking up a market share of 16.6%.

In third place came smartphones with a screen resolution of 1024×762, with a 6.9% market share in March, compared to a 7% market share in February.

In fourth place came screens with a resolution of 1920×1080, with a 6% market share in March, compared to 10.9% in February.

Smartphones with screens of 1280×1024 pixels came fifth, with a 5.3% market share.

534×320 resolution screens came in sixth place, with a 4.3% market share, according to the StatCounter report.

As for screens with an resolution of 720×1280 pixels, they came seventh, with a market share of 3.5%.

In eighth place came screens with of 480×800 resolution, with a 2.5% market share, followed by 900×1600 pixels screens in ninth place, with a 2.1% market share.

Phones with a screen resolution of 320×570 came in 10th, with a 1.25% market share. In last place came phones with 1360×768 pixels screens, with a 1% market share.

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