ADSL sees 1.3 million new subscribers in August due to COVID-19

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
3 Min Read

Data released by Egypt’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology data revealed that the number of ADSL subscribers increased to 8.29 million at the end of August.

The figures compare to the 8.13 million subscribers recorded by the end of July 2020, an increase of 152,900 new subscribers, and 7 million subscribers during the same month last year, reflecting an increase of 1.3 million.

It also compares to the 7.34 million subscribers recorded at the end of February, immediately prior to the rise of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Egypt. The Internet’s international capacity reached 2.6 trillion pulses per second.

The pandemic and the shift to working from home, both contributed to the noticeable increase in the number of ADSL subscribers.

The number of fixed phone subscribers reached 10.1 million at the end of last August, out of a total capacity of 25.2 million subscribers. This has brought the percentage of operating lines to an available capacity of 39.86%, thus bringing the number of new fixed phone subscribers to 1.3 million within eight months.

Urban areas accounted for 7.7 million fixed line subscriptions, with a further 2.4 million subscribers in the rural areas. As for the type of subscribers, they were divided between 8.7 million household subscribers, 259,100 government subscribers, and 1.1 million commercial subscribers.

The density of landline subscribers reached 7.738% and 15.33% in urban areas, with 3.14% in rural areas. A total of 277,100 are expected to subscribe in the coming period.

The total number of telephone exchanges reached 1,511, with all reportedly open exchanges, distributed between 1,052 centres across all villages. The density of families in the countryside who have telephones was 12.47%.

As for the number of mobile subscribers in Egypt, they increased again during last August to 96.2 million subscribers, compared to 95.6 million subscribers in July 2020. The rise reflects a total increase of 641,600 new subscribers within 30 days.

There has been near stability in the number of mobile subscribers in Egypt this year, as the numbers exceeded the 96 million subscriber barrier.

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