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Lexium plans to provide legal advice via smartphones to 100m Arab citizens - Daily News Egypt

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Lexium plans to provide legal advice via smartphones to 100m Arab citizens

Company aims to increase network of lawyers, legal experts to 1,000, says Allama

Lexium, a legal consultancy smartphone application, has decided to expand its services to the Egyptian market during the coming period, according to Rami Allam, executive director of Lexium.

The company’s services are provided by 100 lawyers and 50 legal experts.

Lexium plans to increase the number of lawyers to 1,000 by the end of this year, while the company targets providing legal advice through smartphones to provide services to 100 million people in the Arab region.

Tell us about the nature of the service provided by your company and how emerging companies can benefit from it?

Lexium is an application that allows each user to obtain legal answers and models and authorises them to communicate with lawyers in the legal field required.

Lexium is unique in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This service is especially geared towards startups that suffer from many burdens at the beginning of their journey and thus facilitates access to legal information and consultancy at a lower cost.

Do you see legal advice as a major challenge for startups?

Legal consulting is one of the major and outstanding challenges for emerging companies. It is the backbone of any company aspiring to expand its business.

Indeed, each company should consult legal experts to determine whether they can trade in the product or service they want to distribute.

In addition, startups need consultancy in the protection of intellectual property, trademarks, and brands.

Legal consultation is essential in the investment phase. Partners should use a lawyer to guide them in all matters relating to the terms of the partnership contract and contracts with investors.

All this is essential, not to mention the complexities of labour laws and social security that require legal wisdom in order to avoid taxes and fines that may affect the business of an emerging company.

What is distinctive about your services compared to traditional legal advice services?

The Lexium application opens up a new horizon in the world of law and rights. We at Lexium believe that everyone has the natural right to free access to basic legal information that allows them to appreciate their rights and duties in society.

The application is unique because it is the first application that allows users to obtain free legal information and essential basic models in modern society.

In addition to that, the application allows anyone to complete a search to find the right lawyer for what they need.

Most importantly, the application exists in most Arab countries and thus allows all Arab peoples to communicate with each other through a common language, the language of law and truth.

You are a newly established company, what are the main features of your plans during the coming period?

The company is a new company but it aspires to expand in all Arab countries and to empower people who need help.

We started in Lebanon and we aspire to expand in Egypt and the Gulf countries during 2018 and 2019.

How many customers are you targeting providing services to?

Our team is very ambitious and therefore our goal is very broad. We aspire to provide services to more than 100 million young Arab men and women, enabling them to determine their fate and claim their rights and be aware of their duties.

You mentioned that your services are free, how will you make profit?

The application aims to achieve social justice and enable everyone to have access to all necessary legal information and consult with competent lawyers so as not to be in error or any violation of the law.

In terms of profitability, we rely primarily on advertising and services offered by Lexium, such as models that can be directly modified on site for profit.

How many lawyers and advocates work with you?

The application today brings together more than 100 lawyers and 50 legal experts who collaborate and use the service on a regular basis.

Lexium is aiming to bring the number of lawyers to 1,000 by the end of this year.

Do you have expansion plans for countries in the Middle East?

Of course, the goal of Lexium is to unite the Arab countries through the language of truth and law.

We will look at the future with an open eye and see in our eyes the young Arabs who have the right to have a wide legal gate and an application that understands their needs and equates them before the law.

Egypt is one of the most bureaucratic countries in the Arab region. Do you have plans to provide services in Egypt?

Egypt is the mother of the world. And we, as Lebanese people, see Egypt as an example of us in love, ethics, divinity, and history.

In addition, the Egyptian people are in dire need of such a service and need an application through which they can know their rights and duties, and this is what we offer.

The Egyptian market is the most important after the Lebanese market for the team at Lexium.

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