Rosatom begins license procedures for Dabaa nuclear power plant

Mohamed Farag
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Russia’s Rosatom started the preparatory process for obtaining the necessary permits and licenses for the construction of the Dabaa nuclear power plant, the most important of which is the approval of the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA).

A source at EAEA said that the establishment of the nuclear plant is subject to a number of procedures, including permission to accept site selection, review of studies, characteristics, environmental impact, and permission to build after reviewing the designs through the first report about the plant.

The source told Daily News Egypt that the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) will then approve the site of the project, after obtaining the documents and paperwork of the EAEA to study them and give the green light within six months.

Permission was also obtained for pre-operation procedures, operators’ data and experience, and fuel loading authorisation, according to the source.
He explained that operating licenses are issued after reviewing all the above procedures, and that the plant is subject to inspection throughout its operational life.

He noted that the authority is keen on Egypt reaping the fruits of energy use, and is keen to protect the Egyptian community and the environment.
He pointed out that the plant is very safe and can withstand the collision of aircrafts, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Egypt will follow all international procedures and standards for the management of waste to avoid all risks.

He pointed out that there are 470 operative reactors around the world producing some 392,000MW in 31 countries. He added that the US alone owns 99 reactors.

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