‘Wa Hekaya’ makes crowns an everyday choice

Nayera Yasser
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Tales are often told by women; mothers that aim to teach their kids a little wisdom for the life that awaits them or friends that need the companionship secured by shared experiences. Stories are said to be unfolded by the winners; however, those shared during weakness or without an apparent cause are the ones that sustain the test of time.

Fashion is a method as old as time to narrate chronicles. In a previous lifetime, higher headpieces indicated status while thinner sandals were taken for poor background and the examples go on and on. With every decade, rulers changed and with them the fashion guidelines relentlessly shifted.

“Wa Hekaya”, which could be translated to “and a story”, is an eloquent, newly-established brand. The home-grown label tackles the undisputed longing to dress as they do in fairytales and bygone monarchies.

Founded by social media influencer Farah Emara, the brand is specialised in headwear and hair accessories. The glamorous designs include tiaras, bejeweled hair combs, and headpieces worthy of being part of any bridal album.

According to the founder, her products are powerful self-expression tools that empower women to tell their stories and dreams without the need for words. Based on identifiable character, each piece borrows inspiration from a different culture and decade to appeal to a certain woman.

Historically, traditional headwear is an Arab and Egyptian invention. With several monarchies and ruling systems, Egypt’s museums are full of different, iconic headpieces. Accordingly, it was Emara’s main goal to start from the country’s rich history and create contemporary alternatives that are both nostalgic, yet, suitable for the current age.

From turbans and twisted fabric headbands to 24 karat gold-plated tiaras, encrusted with vibrant stones, Wa Hekaya offers a wide range of options. On the other hand, the brand also provides few luminous options that can accompany brides on their big day.

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