MTI launches Range Rover Velar for EGP 2.1m

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M.M. Group for Industry and International Trade (MTI Automotive), Jaguar Land Rover’s dealer in Egypt, has introduced the new Range Rover Velar for EGP 2.1m.

Velar is a medium-sized, versatile vehicle that took luxury up a level and introduced the latest technology that will be a model for the future of Range Rover.

The new car is based on the half-century legacy of innovation that started in 1970 with the launch of the first Range Rover and is the perfect fit to come alongside the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport.

The new vehicle, which is the fourth member of the Range Rover family, was unveiled at a media event held at the Jaguar Land Rover Showroom, with the participation of media representatives.

With a blend of luxury and sophistication, in addition to its ability to drive on all roads with an unprecedented range for mid-size SUVs, Velar combines elegance and distance.

The car adopts the concept of visual reduction, which is in line with the consumer technologies and the wide options in the engine and decorative elements.

“The company is pleased to announce the arrival of the Velar car to our showrooms, especially as we are confident that it can meet the demands of our discerning customers, without compromising the legacy of the brand and its distinctive methods. It brings the highest levels of luxury and leisure to the roads, in addition to its outstanding performance on the off road, not to mention the aspirations to acquire a car that has elements of elegance and distinctive shape and simplicity in design,” said Islam Tawfik, general manager of sales and marketing at MTI Automotive.
He added, “Velar came to grips with these diverse and varied requirements through a comprehensive and unique package in the medium and multi-use sports car segment. It was natural that the car was eyed by the public even before it reached us, which was reflected by the impressive rates of demand to buy this car, so words will never do justice to describe the state of anticipation for this new car.”

In terms of design, Velar’s designers adopted the lightweight Jaguar Land Rover chassis, which resulted in a car that was crowned at the top for design in its class, with strong, durable surfaces and a very striking appearance enhanced by large, 22-inch alloy wheels.

The advanced technologies in the car, ranging from LED headlamps and concealed door handles in the design, appear to people as they approach the vehicle, which emphasises the concept of Velar optical reduction, and also reduces the drag factor to an efficient 0.32, the lowest ever among Land Rover vehicles.

The concept of reduction and avoiding complexity in the cabin—through the design of electric switches in the smallest form possible—enhances the levels of calm and comfort inside the car.

The new information and entertainment system, the Touch Pro Duo, is another integral and convenient part of the car’s cabin.

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