Jewish New Year raises hotel occupancy in Taba: Utopia

Abdel Razek Al-Shuwekhi
1 Min Read

Hotel occupancy increased in some hotels to about 50% this week in the Nuweiba-Taba area due to influx of Israeli tourists into the region during the Jewish New Year holidays, according to the chairperson of Utopia for Real Estate and Tourist Investment, Nadia Shalaby.

Shalaby added that the number of hotels actually operating in Taba is about 10 out of 24 hotels, so this occupancy rate is relatively high regarding the limited number of working hotels.

The hotels dealing with international management companies in the region have stronger relations with major foreign tour operators than the companies locally managed, especially in the European market, which represents the main source of tourism to Egypt annually.

Sami Suleiman, chairperson of the Nuweiba-Taba Investors Association, said that the hotels in that region will boost their promotional campaigns in the coming period to protect their investments.

“There are more than EGP 20bn worth of investments in the region, and they are capable of providing thousands of jobs annually,” Suleiman said. He added that the development of the Negev Airport in Sinai will increase the tourist inflow to the Nuweiba-Taba area, whether domestic or foreign tourism, in the coming period.

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