A successful round for Automech Formula Exhibition 2017 

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The four-day fourth edition of Automech Formula Automotive Exhibition was concluded on Saturday. This round saw many exhibitors competing to offer their best and introducing new models to the local market for the first time.

In spite of the small number of companies participating in this session, it has received a very large turnout of the audience and this was evident during the four days of the exhibition.

The event began on Wednesday with the convening of several press conferences for a number of companies participating in the event to announce their products and new offers.

Nissan introduces Qashqai and Patrol for the first time

Nissan unveiled two new models, Nissan Patrol 4×4 for the first time in Egypt and the latest whole new Qashqai. Nissan also showcased a number of models that were manufactured locally: Summy and Sentra, next to the new GT-R model for the first time in Egypt.

At the press conference, Ahmed Abdel Ghany, head of Sales and Marketing at Nissan Motor – Egypt, said that launching new models in the local market reflects the company’s desire to provide the best and latest products and technology to its customers in Egypt, where the Patrol brand emerged for the first time in 1951. He explained that the car has seen several modifications to reach its current form now.

“The 6th generation of Patrol shows a mix of strength, performance, and comfort for the 4×4 lovers,” he added.

Through his speech at the exhibition, Abdel Ghany stressed Nissan’s commitment to its clients in Egypt through offering world-class models in Egypt. The company plans to offer the latest model of Qashqai next month to its customers here, with many compared to the previous model, which would enhance Nissan’s position in the crossover segment.

The car is characterised by its distinctive price, which keeps pace with its multiple potentials, such as the 1,500 CC 4-Cylinder 16-Valve engine that generates 108 HP, giving the automobile the capacity to run smoothly on difficult terrain powered by a torque of 134/4000 [email protected] engine is supported by an automatic transmission system, fuel injection system, ABS brake, and an electronic brake-force distribution (EBD).

Abdel Ghany said that the Automech Exhibition comes as Nissan’s sales escalate in the first half of the current year by 13% compared to 2016, granting the car maker the second rank for top selling brands in Egypt. The company has also successfully seized the top rank amongst manufacturers of passenger cars in Egypt until the end of June this year, with a market share of 26%.

He noted that the locally produced Sentra and Sunny models have promoted Nissan as the largest seller within the passenger car sector in Egypt.

Ghabbour Auto showcase Hyundai and Geely

The company introduced all its models that entered the Egyptian market in the recent period. GB Auto also presented Hyundai’s first electric car, Ioniq, which relies on a hybrid 4-Cylinder 1,600 CC engine that generates 105 HP, connected to an electric engine of 35 HP, giving a total of 140 HP and 265 Nm of torque.

This was followed by a press conference on the Geely premises, which was attended by the deputy CEO of Geely in Egypt Farid Fadel. He announced the introduction of Geely 1,400 CC Emgrand X7 with a price tag of EGP 315,000.

Fadel pointed out that Geely is on its way to becoming a brand on its own rather than being another Chinese car only. The company also presented the sedan Geely Emgrand GL and its hatchback version GS. Fadel said that the company was only exhibiting the models and will not begin selling them, as the final date of launching the cars in Egypt or the prices have yet to be determined.

He added that Geely Emgrand 7 has realized very high sales in the past period, noting that their performance in the current year improved from last year.

Fiat Chrysler dazzles audience with Alfa Romeo products

This was followed by the press conference of Fiat Chrysler Egypt, which officially announced the launch of its all-new Alfa Romeo models and the presence of Maciej Ratynski, CEO of Fiat Chrysler Egypt.

Many of the company’s leaders have also presented both Gulia and Stelvio, which are being presented for the first time in the local market.

Ratynski said that a new company was established bearing the name Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (ALFA) on 24 June 1910. “Today, the brand opens a new page with the launch of a new model that is a true art work combining the past, present and future, and one of the most striking examples of mastering the automotive industry: the Alfa Romeo Gulia, next to Europe’s best selling model, the Stelvio,” he added.

The Alfa Romeo models are based on a combination of heritage, speed, and beauty in a balanced fashion, making it an example of Italian elegance in the automotive industry. The new Gulia car combines the three characteristics of Italian design: recognition of proportions, simplicity, and surface quality.

The ratios depend on the engineering architecture of the entire vehicle—for Alfa Romeo cars, the main elements are the 50/50 distribution of weight and balance and the rear-wheel-drive to perfectly balance the weights. The engine and the mechanical parts are placed between the axes; giving Gulia very short protruding parts, a long bonnet and long front wings, as well as a stable passenger cabin on top of the wheels. The rear wings clearly indicate the point at which the power is released to the road, all of which means the availability of a very wide wheelbase—the longest in its class—inside a compact vehicle structure at the same time. These ratios draw an oval dynamic shape in the upper view. In addition, rounded corners and coiled suspension transfer the power to the vehicle and gives it a lateral appearance in the shape of a water drop, which reminds viewers of Giulietta Sprint, one of the most beautiful cars.

The first sports SUV car bears the Alfa Romeo brand across its century-old history

The first Alfa Romeo sports SUV car was designed to ensure an exciting driving experience, outstanding performance and athletic elegance. For the first time in the history of the Italian brand Alfa Romeo, which extends more than a century, these characteristics are now mixed together and reflect the authenticity of the Alfa Romeo spirit. The name is Alfa Romeo Stelvio, which was designed to re-design the bases in the medium sized SUV segment.

Mercedes-Benz unveils three new models

Mercedes-Benz Egypt, through the speech of CEO and President of Mercedes-Benz Egypt Thomas Zorn, announced the launch of four new cars for the first time during the Automech Formula Exhibition.

Zorn added that all these models are available to customers through various exhibitions of distributors’ networks of Mercedes-Benz in Egypt, noting that these models were carefully selected to suit the needs of the Egyptian market.

Mercedes presented three brand new models: E-Class Coupé, GLC, and GLC of the SUV category.

GLC Coupé

This car is characterised by medium size and astonishing sporty shape. It comes with a 4-matic driving system and all safety features of the Mercedes-Benz cars, along with smart driving system, sports suspension and automatic transmission of nine gears (G-tronic 9), which offers an effortless smooth driving experience, especially with the height of the car from the ground. This makes it easy to drive on all terrain, especially as it offers a 2,000 CC new engine that generates 245 GP and 360 NM of torque.

E-Class Coupé and Mercedes GLA

The new and premium GLA, as well as the CLA and CLA Shooting Brake, are seen for the first time in Egypt. The GLA, which is the top model in its class, have seen huge appreciation and admiration, thanks to its sport design and appearance.

CLA Shooting Brake introduces new concepts in this category, such as exterior design elements and frameless mirrors that give the car the character of the Coupé car, while featuring the luxury, speed, and operation of the car.

BAG officially launches 5th class

The pavilion of the Bavarian Auto Group (BAG) witnessed a large turnout of the audience, especially with the introduction of many different models of the company that impressed the local consumer of the models of the third and seventh classes, next to the X class of different models.

The company had a lot to offer for the local market.

BAG Chairperson Farid El Tobgy said that the new 5th class model is being introduced for the first time in Egypt at the same time the model is being launched in all European and Arab countries.

He noted that this class has special interest in the company, stressing that its presence fulfills BMW’s family in Egypt. He pointed out that the booking for the model will be opened soon, adding that it will come with a 1,600 CC engine.

Moreover, El Tobgy sad that the company is now considering assembling the model in Egypt, especially since most of the remaining 5th class models will have larger than 200 CC engines, which pushes the company to study assembling them in Egypt with Egyptian hands.

The company also presented its electric version o the i3 model, which is a small-sized electric car with five doors. It is a part of the company’s i class, which has become its own brand called BMWi.

The i3 is considered the first exhaust-free vehicle, because it is a fully electric vehicle that comes with a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer to enhance the car’s consumption of electricity. BMW is the first company to use this technology in commercial production.

Abou Ghaly Motors presents XV and Impreza

Abou Ghaly Motor, the local dealership of Subaru, introduced the all new XV model, next to the Subaru Impreza 2018.

XV comes with radical changes starting from the interior space and elevation from the ground that characterizes the SUV cars, along with a modified exterior shape, especially for head and tail lights.

Introduction of Eyesight technology provides more safety for the first time in the Egyptian market

The Subaru Impreza 2018 comes with a new exterior design that gives more sporty performance and a sophisticated interior that gives a high sense of control over all car functions with one click.

It is also new that the new Subaru cars, Impreza and XV, come with Subaru Global Platform technology in the design of the chassis that provides better stability, especially in curves and on different roads, and provides more safety for passengers by better distribution of points of installation in the body of the car. Subaru has approved the use of this technology in all its models around the world.

Subaru has also developed the performance of new cars, giving a higher ability to control on different types of roads, and also comes the new car system X-Mode that provides better stability and control, especially on slippery roads and high ramps.

As for the development of the car internally, the cars come with an internal 8-inch screen and dual-zone conditioning to provide more comfort for the driver and the front passenger, who can choose the appropriate temperature for seats.

As for the safety, all Subaru vehicles (all categories) are equipped with seven airbags to better protect all cabin passengers, in addition to other safety factors that are the basic feature in all Subaru vehicles such as ABS, EBD, and VDC.

The new Subaru 2018 models are the first models in their class using the Eyesight technology, which is designed to provide greater safety and protection for all passengers in the vehicle.

The Eyesight system works to stop the car automatically before the frontal collision, and also features the detection of blind spots of the car. Headlights have also been equipped with response system for guidance and rotation.

The opening of the exhibition

Following the end of press conferences, the opening of the exhibition was officially announced by Minister of Trade and Industry Tarek Kabil, who cut the red ribbon to announce the official launch of the 24th round of the Automech Formula. The ceremony was attended by a number of public figures, including the pioneers of the automotive industry in Egypt and the world, along with leaders of the regional office of Shell, which is officially sponsoring the exhibition this year.

During his words on the occasion, Kabil said that the automotive industry sector is one of the most important strategic sectors in the national economy, as it represents the locomotive of development for more than 13 industrial sectors with an investment volume of $3bn. He added that the Automech Formula is a true change and a real opportunity for all car manufacturers and feeding industries businessmen to exchange views and experiences that contribute significantly to the development of this vital sector in Egypt and to promote competition among companies operating in this sector in the Egyptian market.

“We are delighted with the interest of car companies to have strong presence today and their interest in providing their best in a competitive framework that benefits all parties, revives the movement of the market, and boosts confidence to consumers,” he said. Kabil also praised the companies that work in the manufacturing and assembling of cars in Egypt to enrich the Egyptian market, especially that Egyptian products enjoy high quality and can compete well on global markets.

In addition, organisers of the event—Art Line ACC-ITF, and Informa Exhibitions—announced the separation of the manufacturing sector from the spare parts, accessories and feeder industries (AutoTech) to become its independent exhibition to be hosted by the Cairo International Conference Centre (CICC) from 10 to 12 December 2017. This makes the Automech Formula Exhibition a specialised automotive-only exhibition.

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