SGS announces first MSI 20000 certification in Egypt

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After a long process of evaluation and verification, strictly evaluated on the basis of the specifications of the MSI 20000 regulation, the SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) has announced that the Egyptian company Auto-Group conforms to MSI 20000 standards.

Auto Group representatives

The official MSI 20000 certification ceremony was held at the firm’s registered offices, in the presence of the general management, the principal shareholders, and the financial teams. After the presentation of the diagnostic conclusions, the full reports, and certificates of conformity issued by the SGS were presented in the presence of international the MSI experts, who had travelled from Paris and Geneva.

MSI 20000: international standard dedicated to certification of financial quality in business

Finalised by the world’s top financial experts, the MSI 20000 certification process uses a sectorial approach to analyse all data regarding business finances and management, through a framework and very strict principles, based on several evaluation criteria. The diagnostics, based on solidity and performance, are expressed respectively, according to the major areas of evaluation, such as management of assets, liabilities, liquidity, risks, and human resources, as well as commercial, economic, financial, and operational aspects of performance.

Thus, the MSI 20000 standard provides information on financial governance and respect for good practice in financial management. Conformity to the MSI 20000 standard is an indicator of quality and market readiness for all economic players and financial operators seeking reliable and independent financial data. The MSI 20000 certification is not just a strong marketing tool, but also an excellent tool for decision making and continuous improvement.

One of the key assets of financial certification lies in the total independence between the body that establishes the quality certification, in this case MSI organisation, and the certification bodies. This perfect independence is unique in the world of financial analysis.

Auto-Group seeks two objectives with this certification: to reassure the firm’s financial environment (shareholders, investors, and creditors) regarding solvency and to reassure the firm’s economic environment (commercial partners, clients, and suppliers) regarding the group’s sustainability and financial soundness. Through this strong initiative, Auto-Group shows its desire to continuously improve and increase value, making it a financially attractive business.

New step for Auto-Group as it seeks to conquer Egyptian automobile market

In a context where transparency and financial liability constitute a critical stake in economic development and demonstrate the security of economic players, many businesses, in particular branches of multinationals and large global groups, annually submit to certification, according to MSI 20000 regulations, in order to achieve continuous improvement and obtain certification of financial conformity. Auto-Group now belongs to this elite sector of excellence. Auto-Group, well known to the markets as a pioneer and leader in automobile distribution in Egypt, and recognised on a national level, sells several thousands of vehicles every season and is a distributor for Renault and KIA in particular.

This certification is an accolade for Auto-Group. In this way, the company indicates its ambitions to establish the business throughout Egypt and increase gains in the market share, while at the same time consolidating its current positioning and developing new business opportunities. This announcement follows an investment and commercial strategy plan, that has been shrewdly operated by the senior management of Auto-Group.

Established in Geneva under the Swiss Civil Code, the non-profit NGO MSI organisation is the distribution and technical regulation body of the MSI 20000 standard. The MSI Organisation gathers leading international experts from throughout the financial sphere. All the members of the MSI scientific committee are graduates of the world’s top universities, such as Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, Columbia, and UCLA, and have worked for major financial institutions or prestigious universities.

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