VictoryLink offers Digital Solutions to help Egyptian entrepreneurs grow their startups

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VictoryLink, a fully fledged digital solutions company, stands in supporting and advancing Egyptian startups, working with small businesses in various industries, including real estate, transportation, and retail, succeeding to expand their presence, market share, and brand recognition.

Over 30 of VictoryLink’s clients represent Egyptian startups, and so the innovative digital solutions company affirms that more entrepreneurs are relying on smart marketing and advertising solutions to market themselves and launch a business off the ground. Startups are recognising the benefits of digital solutions and relying on them to achieve business objectives, so that, for example, a real estate startup started its implementation of digital services to require 10,000 mobile advertisements, yet in just a few months, it expanded to require 60,000 mobile advertisements and 24,000 location-based advertisement SMSs.

Egypt is becoming a welcoming hub for new businesses and entrepreneurship, and with the current open and empowering market, efficient marketing and advertising solutions are crucial tools to elevating and growing a business during a short span of time.

Based on the 2016 global entrepreneurship monitor report of Egypt, SMEs are reported to have contributed 80% to Egypt’s GDP, cementing the value of entrepreneurs in advancing the nation’s economy. Furthermore, 53.5% of Egyptians perceive that there are promising opportunities to start a firm in Egypt, with 63% of latent entrepreneurs intending to start their own business in a matter of three years. With such data indicating that the Egyptian market is encouraging more entrepreneurs to take risks and launch their ideas, established marketing companies are incentivised to champion startups through economical, productive, and intelligent solutions.

As studies demonstrate that Egyptians spend about 20 hours per week using the Internet, and 64% of online consumers use their smartphone while watching TV, the direction towards adopting digital and mobile marketing techniques is proving more results-oriented.

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