Vesba launches van and motor tricycles

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Vesba, a smartphone transportation application has introduced a new service for individuals, namely the possibility of ordering a van to transport individuals, the base fare is EGP 10, while the price per kilometre is EGP 2 in addition to 35 piastres per minute for waiting time.

Furthermore, the application introduced another feature, which is ordering a motor tricycle for the transportation of goods, with a base fare of EGP 5 , EGP 1.07 per kilometer and 35pt per minute for waiting time.

Vesba provides its services for individuals through motorcycles for a base fare of EGP 3, EGP 1 per kilometre, and 25 piastres per minute for the waiting time. However, due to the increase in gas prices the company announced raising their prices.

Moreover, the company is planning to recruit women Vespa drivers during the second phase of the project, in order to make it easier for women passengers to use the service, as it might be embarrassing for women to ride behind a man driver. The application will provide the service by sending the suitable driver, according the gender that has been registered during signing up to the application.

In addition to that, to prevent risking the life of passengers, the company obliges the driver to abide by a certain limit. In case the driver exceeded the speed limit, the company will warn him through the application.


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