AAIB’s “Keep the Coast Clean” initiative

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How it started?

AAIB’s “Keep the Coast Clean” anti-litter awareness campaign was launched in 2015. The initiative aimed at magnifying the damage caused to our coasts and seas by littering from land-based recreation. In 2017, the environmental campaign commenced with an eye on having a progressive behavioural influence on saving Egypt’s magnificent shores.

The main motive behind this environmental initiative is to raise awareness about how human practices can significantly harm the environment, sea creatures, and eventually the human race. In order to maintain the uplifting results achieved in the past two years, the AAIB remains the number one bank initiator to environmental sustainability, enhancing activists’ knowledge with a variety of ways to preserve the environment.

The AAIB illustrated the beach most found waste items on the coastlines: cigarette butts, plastic bottles, plastic bags, cans and glass bottles as the “Beach Devils”, funny easily digested cartoons. The five items are as follows: Plastic bags, Cigarette butts, Cans, Glass bottles, and Plastic bottles.

Fun-filled educational beach activities for Kids by AAIB

Different activities took place throughout the shores, engaging children who proved their creativity along with some challenging beach games that added a competitive edge and ensure knowledge transfer.

At the same time, the AAIB built a strong presence by placing clay-made beach ashtrays for cigarette butts as well as recycling bins for waste available at the beach. This raised awareness on the importance of keeping the beaches waste-free.

Wherever you go, we are there for you

The AAIB has 18 ATM in the North Coast and a total number of point of sale (POS) machines at its network of reputable merchants (restaurants, hotels, hypermarkets, and retail shops).

AAIB has one seasonal branch in the North Coast, which is the Porto Marina branch. The branch operates from 15 June to 15 September and the working hours are from 11.00am to 08.00pm (7 days a week). The branch offers full banking services for corporates and individuals.

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