Three killed in driveby attack on Giza checkpoint 

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Two officers and one conscript were shot dead Wednesday morning in an attack on a checkpoint in South Giza, on the Western highway of Egypt-Assiut, the Egyptian military said in a statement.

Preliminary investigations said that the victims were killed after one unknown militant attacked the checkpoint using gunfire.

The two officers, a colonel and captain, were both retired personnel working in the army-owned road construction entity named the National Company for Constructing, Developing, and Managing Roads.

The company is part of the military National Service Projects Organisation.

The General Prosecution started investigating the incident and ordered the bodies of the dead personnel to be buried. However, hours later, the Military Prosecution was reported to have started investigating the attack.

The military mourned the victims and added that security forces are surveying the areas looking for the perpetrators.

No militant group has claimed responsibility.

State-owned newspaper Al-Ahram quoted a conscript who reportedly survived the attack saying that he watched one person storming into the checkpoint. He also mentioned that the individuals in the checkpoint didn’t fire back as they were not armed.

Outlets and buildings owned and controlled by military-owned business are heavily fortified by armed soldiers.

Last October, the Egyptian army’s 9th armour division Major Adel Ragaai was assassinated by militants, as he was exiting his private residence. In November, militant group Lewaa Al-Thawra released a video revealing details of the operation.

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