ElMasria Auto denies chairperson fled after raid

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ElMasria Auto Company issued a statement in response to a report published by the media and newspapers about raids on the company’s branches and the fleeing of its chairperson after security forces broke into his house.

The company emphasised that what has been published on some media channels about the raid by the tax evasion department on the company’s branches and the fleeing of its chairperson is completely inaccurate.

The company called on the media to be accurate about what they publish to avoid harming citizens and their interests.

The statement said that the company’s securities and documents have already been reviewed by the tax evasion department at its headquarters in Heliopolis.

The company facilitated their mission to review all documents and securities.

The company denied what was published about the security forces breaking into the chairperson’s house or that he fled due to violations in connection to a sum of EGP 250m. The company also stated that none of the employees of the company was arrested.

The company is intending to provide all documents that support its legal position through the legal and accounting departments, and in case of any violations being found, they will be corrected and announced immediately.

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