Judge accused of possessing 68kg of hashish receives life sentence

Sarah El-Sheikh
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The latest suspension of judges in Egypt, allegedly for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, has been sharply criticised (AFP/ POOL/ File)

On Saturday, the Suez Criminal Court handed a judge accused of possessing 68kg of hashish to a life sentence, according to state-run media outlet Egy News.

The judge, known in the media as “Hashish Judge”, is facing charges of forming an illegal group, trading drugs, and possessing weapons.

Another two defendants were arrested with the judge, but were only handed a ten-year prison sentence and a fine of EGP 50,000 for charges of possessing and trading weapons.

The judge, his foreign female friend Yostena, and his driver were all arrested last November when security forces stopped them at a checkpoint in the Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel.

Security forces decided to inspect the car after security dogs barked loudly.

The investigation led the judge being referred to court, which originally decided to fine the judge EGP 500,000 and imprison him for six months.

The court acquitted the female friend and the driver of charges of forming an illegal group, only punishing them over drugs charges.

There have been a number of public figures in Egypt arrested on charges of possessing large amounts of drugs.

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