Administrative Court requires AUC to not receive tuition fees in dollars

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AUC ‘claims standards it does not implement’: Employees (DNE File Photo)

The Administrative Court accepted on Sunday a lawsuit against the American University in Cairo (AUC), ordering it to receive any payments of tuition in Egyptian pounds and not US dollars.

The lawsuit was filed by around 60 students’ parents, who all complained against high fees. It was filed contesting the university’s president, the parliament head, and the Minister of Higher Education.

The parents stated in the lawsuit that they are seeking to cancel paying in US dollars so that they would be able to send their children to AUC.

Two years ago, AUC students were required to pay half of their tuition fees in US Dollars.

After the flotation of the Egyptian pound, several families and students complained about the increase. Hundreds of students protested for days. Several negotiations took place during the strike but didn’t meet the satisfaction of some of the parents, who took it to the judiciary to resolve the dispute.

This was not the first protest of its kind, as the university’s students also protested in 2015 against the rise of their tuition fees.

AUC is one of the best universities in Egypt, offering professional academic systems and syllabi. A large number of foreign professors teach there, and students from around the world are enrolled at AUC. The university also welcomes and sponsors several activities in different fields.


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