Minister of Industry to grant temporary industrial licences for existing plants

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Tarek Kabil, Minister of Industry and Trade issued a decision to grant temporary industrial licences for existing plants over a one-year period, until the conditions of these factories are regulated and fulfil requirements.

The minister said that this move comes as an implementation of the decisions issued by the Supreme Council for Investment and the prime minister, which gave the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) the power to issue these licences. Related bodies will cooperate with the IDA to facilitate the procedures of permits throughout the year-long duration. He noted that the permits are issued within five days of completing the necessary documentation.

He pointed out that this temporary licence does not give the factory the privilege of obtaining a permanent licence, except after the fulfilment of all the legal requirements, adding that granting temporary licences is on condition of several measures.

The factory filing for a temporary licence should be operating in an area where the type of industry it serves is allowed, according to laws and decisions. Moreover, the plant should not include a high degree of risk, related to security, health, environment, or occupational safety, as determined by the IDA.

The factory seeking a temporary licence should also provide proof that it is fulfilling the necessary measures for obtaining a permanent licence.

The IDA will hold the right to conduct a field inspection before issuing permits.

If the requirements for the permanent licence are not met, the temporary licence will be revoked.

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