13 Alexandria workers forced to resign ahead of military trial verdict

Adham Youssef
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Militarised factories: workers stand trial in military court for protesting

Nine imprisoned Alexandria Shipyard workers, as well as four wanted workers, have resigned from posts in the military-controlled company.

The Alexandria Military Court is expected to issue a verdict on the workers on Tuesday, amid continued condemnation from leftist and labour entities, and amid international solidarity campaigns.

The case goes back to May when a group of 26 workers arranged an open sit-in, hoping that the company’s leaders would act in response to certain demands that they had previously brought before the company administration which did not receive attention.

Mohamed Awad, a lawyer following up on the case told Daily News Egypt that for the workers, presenting their resignation to the military company doesn’t guarantee that they will be granted amnesty.

He added that the other detained workers are also expected to resign from their position.

As the strike escalated, workers were barred from entering their place of work and military units were deployed.

The Alexandria Shipyard Company falls under the supervision and administration of the Ministry of Defence and Military Production as of 2007. Martial law stipulates that if civilians breach the law inside a military zone, they can be referred to military court.

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