Egypt votes in favour of 2 different Syrian peace resolutions at UN security council

Toqa Ezzidin
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Egypt voted on Saturday in favour of two different draft resolutions in the UN security council for a peace solution in Syria. The first resolution was drafted by Russia whereas the second resolution was filed by France and Spain.

Neither of the two drafts have been passed yet, as Russia appealed against the resolution presented France and Spain using its veto power. On the other side, the US, France, and Great Britain appealed against the resolution presented by Russia, using their veto power. Thus, the two draft resolutions failed to be adopted by the UN security council.

The French and Spanish resolution suggested the immediate halt of air strikes, aerial bombardments, and military flights. The resolution also suggested unhindered humanitarian access to all areas across the country. This resolution received 11 votes in favour of the resolution; two countries refrained from voting and two countries voted against the resolution.


On the other hand, the Russian resolution suggested the immediate cessation of hostilities across the country, particularly in the besieged Aleppo, it also demanded humanitarian access. The resolution further demanded the prevention of material and financial support from reaching the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra Front, and other armed opposition groups. This resolution received four votes in favour of the resolution; two countries refrained from voting and nine votes against the resolution. .

Following the UN security council’s failure to adopt any of the resolutions, Egypt received condemnations from Saudi Kingdom and Qatar for voting in favour of the resolution suggested by Russia, as Russia supports the current regime in Syria. Also, Russia’s draft resolution did not include any suggestions to halt airstrikes or military flights.

Following the vote, Egypt’s envoy to the UN security council, Amr Aboul Atta, said that he was at a “loss for words”, adding that a message of failure was being sent to the Syrian people and the council that was created peacefully to end disputes has become a “media platform”.

Aboul Atta said that he knew both resolutions wouldn’t pass, but he voted in order to express that the Arabs could no longer tolerate being tampered with. He further added that the two drafts covered key points.


Saudi presenter Gamal Khashafgi said on Twitter that the Egyptian diplomacy is “weird”, as Egypt voted on a resolution in favour of halting aerial bombardments and then voted on another resolution that didn’t mention them.


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