National Security officer shot dead in Beheira

Adham Youssef
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Police officer on duty in sayeda zeinab (File photo) Jasmin Bauomy

A non-commissioned police officer in Beheira was shot dead Saturday morning, after unknown assailants fired at him while he was on his way back from work.

Gamal Al-Deeb belonged to the forces of the Beheira Security Directorate. Preliminary investigations, published by state media, say that the attackers are still at large. A military funeral will be held for the deceased officer.

Although Al-Deeb worked at the critical and controversial National Secuirty apparatus, an institution often accused of extracting confessions from defendants, the motives behind the attack are still unclear, the media office of the ministry said Saturday. The Ministry of Interior mourned the dead officer, with minister Magdy Abdel Ghaffar offering all forms of support to Al-Deeb’s family.

As of now, no militant group has declared responsibility for the attack.

Shootings, mainly targeting police and army officers as well as state officials, have become a weekly occurrence in Egypt since the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013. However, the rate of shootings has declined since the start of 2016.

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