Chevrolet acquires 76.4% of US cars sold in Egypt over 7 months

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Chevrolet dominated the top five places on the list for the most US-manufactured cars sold in Egypt over the first seven months of 2016. The carmaker sold 8,701 units, acquiring 76.4% of the US market that totalled sales of 11,400 cars.

Lanos returned to the competition, recording sales of 2,041 units worth EGP 213. Aveo followed with sales amounting to 2,000 units worth EGP 264.5m. Cruze, in third, saw sales of 1,985 units with a net value of EGP 389m.

The New Optra came in fourth, having sold 1,361 units in the same period. GP52 came in fifth with sales of 1,314 cars worth EGP 195.7m.

Chevrolet kept its lead on the sales of cars manufactured in the US in Egypt, seizing the top five spots on the list over the course of the first half of this year. The carmaker registered sales of 7,191 units during that period, acquiring 76.3% of a total 9,418 US-made units sold in that period.

From January to June, Cruze was the top selling US-made car in Egypt, selling 1,842 units worth EGP 348m. Lanos was ranked second on the list with sales amounting to EGP 151m, followed by Aveo with sales of 1,413 units valued at EGP 179m.

New Optra came in fourth, having sold 1,358 units in the same period. Those sales were valued at EGP 194.2m. GP52 came fifth with sales of 1,095 cars worth EGP 153m.


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