Security forces hinder attempted prison break at Al-Salam police station

Daily News Egypt
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Dozens of prisoners who are being held in detention in Al-Salam police station set their cell on fire early on Saturday in an attempt to escape. However, security forces hindered the attempt.

Citing eyewitnesses, media outlets reported that there were several people loitering around the police station planning to assist those who were trying to escape. They were relatives of the detainees.

Clashes erupted between the detainees’ families and security forces; the latter allegedly used tear gas to disperse the families. The Cairo Security directorate also sent dozens of security forces to the police station to intercept the clashes. The vicinity of the station is currently being surrounded by forces.

Citing an official, two prisoners allegedly managed to escape amid the clashes that occurred between security forces and families. The Ministry of Interior has not yet issued a statement about the incident.

Last week, a police officer from Al-Salam police station shot a worker in Al-Khalifa district in Cairo.

In another incident, Farghaly Bayoumi, a detainee who was arrested for a murder to which he admitted guilt, committed suicide inside the police station in late August.


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