Presidential decree orders conclusion of parliament’s first legislative term

Daily News Egypt
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A presidential decree has ordered that the first legislative term of the parliament be concluded and that the second legislative term begin on 4 October, the parliament’s General Secretary Ahmed Saad El-Din announced on Thursday.

The decree stipulates that the last session of the first legislative term was on 7 September.

During the first legislative phase, the parliament approved three laws, including the Civil Service, Churches Construction and the Value-Added Tax. The three bills were approved despite public concern and controversy regarding their contents.

It also participated in discussions about several issues that took place in recent months, especially the case of the murder of the Italian student Guilio Regeni which is pending investigation by the Egyptian and Italian sides.

A fact-finding committee was formed by the three parliamentary committees of human rights, foreign affairs and national defense, and security to follow up on Regeni’s case with Italian investigators.

Moreover, a number of foreign delegations have arrived to Cairo to meet with Egyptian MPs in parliament to discuss bilateral relations and other issues.

Other bills and decisions are still pending discussion by the parliament.

The parliament’s performance in the first term saw huge criticism by civil society members and opposition groups, even from some opposing MPs.

Parliamentary elections were held in October 2015 and the opening session for the parliament’s first legislative term was on 10 January.

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